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At APPELL Voice Studio, getting great vocal technique is just the beginning. Working on songs and coaching for style is a HUGE part of your training. You don’t want to just be able to hit high notes – you want to sound fantastic while singing up in the stratosphere!

If you’re considering becoming a professional singer, I can take care of everything you’ll need. I teach in a fantastic studio with all the tools needed to create music as good as the best in the world. I can help you create original versions of covers or create original music for you with your own lyrics.

If you write lyrics I can set music to your lyrics and produce epic music tracks with live drums, keys and guitars. I typically play all of the guitars and keys and we hire my crazy-talented resident studio drummer (Pat Leon) to take care of drums. I can write and produce music in practically all popular genres of music including pop, rock and country. If you play an instrument really well you’re welcome to record your own parts.

When your music is recorded if you need a music video I can take care of that too! I’ve produced scores of music videos for many artists. We can do live performance music videos that we shoot right here in the studio or the “no microphone” obviously lip-synched videos at the location of your choice. Either way is fine with me.

Marketing your music video is crucial to your success and I can help. If you just post a video on YouTube you’ll get a handful of views but to really kill it you’ll need a targeted marketing program. I’m expert in YouTube and Facebook marketing and can help you establish a dedicated fan base.

If you want to be an artist I can help you with four things you’ll need:

#1 Great vocal technique – especially learning how to sing high notes effortlessly.

#2 Expertly produced covers and/or original music with your lyrics or lyrics I help you write.

#3 Compelling music videos.

#4 Powerful internet marketing.

My brief bio…

In 1982 I had the epiphany of a lifetime when I discovered the secret of how to sing high notes in full voice (not falsetto) without straining.

Since making that discovery I’ve trained more than 4,000 singers how to sing a HIGH C without straining. My book, Can You Sing a HIGH C Without Straining? was the first book in publishing history that explains how high notes are produced by the vocal folds (cords) and why anyone with a healthy voice can extend the range of their full voice comfortably and safely. I also developed exercises for learning how to sing with vibrato, breath and tone control. Singers have flown from around the world to train with me and I thank God daily for the wisdom He’s given me to be able to teach so effectively.

– Thomas Appell